Writers Block Cure

9 Jan 2013 Ferado

What the fuck do you do when you get writers block? What’s the cure? You have something you need to write about, but you don’t know what to write. It’s ridiculous. Why doesn’t the brain just work?

In my quick Google as I’m trying to figure out what to write about for something other than this blog post, here are some solutions:

1. Skip the first 2. I’m not married to my results and I’m not comparing myself to other writers. Who would do that? Skipping reje

2. Okay, the blog I read was total crap. None of those are things that work. Write everyday? I do, and I have writers block.

3. Solution: just fucking write man. Do what you can do and just fucking write.


Google doesn’t always come through for you. I find it easier to overcome writers block by first, writing about anything, and then load up on monster. Finally, take a poop. Because it’s all just shit anyway ;)

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