11 Way to get Women to Approach YOU – Stolen from Savoy Love Systems

8 Dec 2014 Ferado

Lovesystems.com always has some good material, tips and such for getting women to like you. Here are the 11 ways to get women to approach you. Remember to try them out and let others know about your success.

  1. Give her an excuse. Have something on you that gives her an easy excuse to start a conversation. It can be anything (e.g., a t-shirt written in another language, a travel guide to Tibet, a Rubik’s Cube) as long as it’s easily noticeable and easy for a stranger to make a comment about it.
  2. Be 10% louder. Louder people get more attention. Louder conversations draw more people in. Don’t be awkward or look like you’re lacking in social skills, but a couple decibels can make all the difference.
  3. Be a regular. Maybe she didn’t have the courage to approach you the first time around, but she thought about you and decided that if she saw you again, she’d make her move. Give her that opportunity.
  4. “Trick” her into thinking you’re a male model. We’ve tested this. A man with model-quality looks (we actually hired a model) with mediocre body language gets approached LESS than an average guy with great body language. In other words, learning good body language is like giving yourself model-quality looks. Wow.
  5. Learning good body language for attracting women isn’t easy, but worth a shot.
  6. Meet me halfway. Buy a damn ticket. You can do everything else on this list and it won’t mean a damn thing if there are no women around. Of course there are bars, clubs, and coffee shops, but also consider some less traditional places to meet women like classes or sports.
  7. Have fun. If you’re having fun, you will naturally draw people in. Women respond to fun. Who wants to approach someone who looks boring and miserable? Women will approach the guy who seems fun and makes things happen.
  8. Be the social connector. If you’re at a party, bar, or event, be the guy who knows everyone. Even if you don’t. Introduce yourself to everyone, to other men, to women you’re not interested in, and introduce people to each other. Not only is this extremely attractive to women in itself (social proof), but it also makes you much easier for her to approach.
  9. Attraction Fashion. Dress well, but not what a fashion magazine would consider dressing well. Dress to express your identity. Dress in a way that is attractive to women, not to fashion advertisers. Contact us about setting up a personal consultation if this is a potential issue for you.
  10. Smile. You’re nervous when you approach women, right? She’ll be just as nervous to approach you. Smile and look like you’re someone who is easy to talk to.
  11. Do some approaches yourself. Women who you don’t approach will feel jealous and left out of the fun, particularly if other women seem to be having a good time with you. This will motivate some women to approach you.

Do Women Approach Men?

Of course they do. Why wouldn’t they? But do the things in this article and you’ll know for a fact.

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