For Texting Women, this works like crazy

3 Jun 2015 Ferado

Texting isn’t just about words

There’s a great thread on The Lounge (a free private online community just for Love Systems instructors and live training graduate) where guys are sharing some of their best texts and text conversations. A lot of guys were surprised by how much top guys will use pictures and memes. Text is still the bread and butter but sometimes copying the right image off the internet can make all the difference.

Text like you Facebook

Most guys think of texting like you’re saying something specific and personalized to the person you’re talking to. And often you are. But you can text in the same way you’d do a status update – send her a personality quiz, or a link to an article or video you thought was interesting. It doesn’t always have to be about what’s going on in your or her life. The text message transcripts I just added to the Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game give a lot of examples of this.

Don’t Delete Old Phone Numbers

The Ultimate Guide to Phone and Text Game now comes with a companion volume Revitalizing Old Phone Numbers. There are certain magic texts that will get most girls to respond if you’ve been out of touch for a while. There are a bunch of them in Revitalizing Old Phone Numbers for different situations, but for a good go-to example, try “I just met your twin”.

Texting isn’t just for dates

A lot of men think of texting as something you do when you go for the phone number and date, as opposed to taking her home that night. But texting can help with same-night situations as well. Don’t be afraid to text women you’ve just met. Women often find it easier to sexualize the conversation through text than face-to-face. If it’s too early in the night to take her home, tell her you have to get back to your friends but that you’ll text her later. Then you can continue the text conversation all night until its time to tell her to come find you (so you can take her home).

Don’t text

Sometimes picking up the phone makes all the difference. With some women over, say, 35, they see it as a sign of your maturity and/or sincerity of your intentions. And with any woman – if you’re having trouble getting a good text conversation going or moving things toward meeting up, try giving her a call. Usually what I like to do is to send at least two messages (with two replies from her) and then say something like “I have a funny story about that, but I’m just heading out. I’ll call you from the car in 5 mins”. (Notice that you’re not ASKING; you’re LEADING).

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