3 comments on “Mystery PUA on How to Move

  1. PUA Fanatic

    Reading this post reminded me of my friend Harry who says he is studying to become a PUA, or “pickup artist.” LOL. He spends hours every day on internet forums reading and writing about this stuff. stupid Guys should just be themselves and treat women with respect. Just be yourself and treat women with respect and we’ll give you a chance. And guys should also stop being so cheap. When I go to the club to get my drink on, I do NOT expect to pay for my own drinks and you guys are supposed to offer. I should start my own website and show guys how to REALLY get a girlfriend…and it starts with buying her gifts and following orders! lol…

  2. How To Get A Girl

    I’m thinking about asking out a girl who works out at my gym. But I’m pretty much broke these days and I’m trying to think of a “creative” date idea that won’t require me to spend a lot of cash. Maybe since we both like to exercise, there’s some type of physical activity we could go out and do together. Or do you think a first date should always take place at night?

  3. SupermanAxl

    Seeing as I’m no expert and I’m pretty sure you’re just SPAMMING my site, I’m just going to say that you should do whatever makes your penis happy. Now stop spamming my site, asshole.

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