16 Jan 2011 Ferado

Video: Day Game – Exposed

[flashvideo file=http://d3hi1yy8td6rlb.cloudfront.net/speer-day-game-barnes-and-noble-1.mp4 /]

Some video on the web that was on this here originally. Not to special, but when it’s combined with other success videos, it’ll give you the idea of how to approach your next girlfriend.


19 Jan 2010 Ferado

Bring the Fresh: New Video

Shit, needed something to post so people think I’m actually a real person. What better way to do that than to post someone Else’s video. So here’s the thing, I’m trying to learn how to pick women up because I’m just not good at it right now. Don’t ask why. In that search, I some how came to a site with this video on it.

This site has a video, and I’m wanting to like it, but it seems pretty boring. I don’t know, can you please let me know if there is something in the video worth watching?