26 Oct 2010 Ferado

SupermanAxl & Average Penile Length


We all know about Google, right? Google offers a lot of free services, and one in particular for SEO – Webmaster Tools. Now, I use Google’s Webmaster Tools occasionally to see how things are going with my site, and to make sure I don’t have any mistakes with my SEO. Typically things are good, and I get to see what terms people are searching with to get to my site.

Imagine my surprise when I saw what the number one search query was that people type in Google to find my site. Can you guess? I was shocked to find out.

And the answer is: average penile length.

Wow. Who would have guessed it :)

It finally dawned on me as to why I was showing up for this. The reason being, I posted an article, What Google thinks about being average, back in January of 2010.

Please, keep up the good work and continue to find my site by searching for average penile length.